Frequently Asked Questions


Are the racks original or reproductions?

Our racks are all authentic racks from the caves of France. They come with splits, cracks and lots of love. We do make necessary repairs prior to shipping.


What is the difference in color?

The racks are never stained. We simply sort for color. WIth this being said, the colors will vary. If more than one rack is purchased we will try to match the racks as closely as possible.


When will they ship?

The racks are in stock and we try to ship within 48 hours. All pieces are shipped via FedEx ground. They will be insured and will need be signed for upon delivery.

What types of wine will they hold?

The racks were orginally used for champagene.  They can accomodate all types of wines. Some types of bottles do fit better than others, from large formats to your standard bottles.


Can they be hung on the wall?

We do offer a mounting bracket. This enables the racks to be hung on the wall at any height and placed full of your favorites. You may also simply  lean against the wall. When leaning you will not be able to utilize the top row of holes.


Do we offer wholesale pricing?


Do we offer quantity discounts?

No, we try to keep our prices as low as possible.

Custom Orders are always accepted.

More questions??????

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